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Roofing Services

Westwood Roofing is a full-service roofing company offering complete roof construction and regular maintenance, based in Nanaimo, BC.

You'll find details about the various services we offer below, or head to our Products page to learn more about the materials we install, such as Asphalt, Metal, and Cedar roofing. For more information about Westwood, view our About page or read customer Testimonials.

What We Offer

  • . installation and repairs to suit any circumstance
  • . ongoing maintenance and inspection, either as needed or on a regularly scheduled maintenance plan
  • . an extensive background in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors
  • . experience in a variety of complex working conditions
  • . an understanding of all roofs types, from flat roofs to steep pitches
  • < Flat Roofs

    Westwood Roofing is one of the few roofing companies with extensive experience in flat roof installation and repairs, and one of the first roofing companies in British Columbia to be a certified installer of Polyglass, a leading manufacturer of modified bitumen roofing and waterproofing membranes and roof coatings.

    We will work with you to determine the best choice of materials for your specific needs to ensure the durability, longevity, and waterproofing of your roof. You will also appreciate our roof inspection and maintenance services, which are critical to extending the life of a flat roof.

    All of this means when choosing a roofing contractor for an industrial, commercial, or residential flat roof project, you can trust the expertise of Westwood Roofing.

    Flat Roofs

  • < Sloped Roofs

    We offer years of experience installing and repairing sloped/pitched roofs in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

    Your roof isn't just made up of the top, visible layer. Rather, it is a complete system that includes many areas, including ventilation, insulation, water-proofing, and more. Our expert roofers understand how the entire system works together to create a safe, sealed, and long-lasting structure. We will work with you to determine the best choice of materials for your needs to ensure you get the most out of your roof.

    You have a lot of options when choosing a roofing contractor, and it's important to make a smart investment. We simply don't cut corners, and provide long-term, high-performance solutions.

    Sloped Roofs

  • < Vent Installation

    Ventilation is a critical component of a successful, long-lasting, and high-performance roof.

    Roof vents help to provide proper air circulation, which greatly reduces the chances of leaking, curling, blistering, rotting of the roof deck, wet insulation, and many other potential issues that occur from the weather. In addition to preventing problems, proper ventilation can make for a more energy-efficient roof, and creates a more appealing climate inside the structure.

    The roofing experts at Westwood Roofing install all forms of roofing vents, and can advise you to ensure proper ventilation for your residential, commercial, or industrial building.

    Vent Installation

  • < Sky Lights

    The natural, comforting lighting provided by skylights can have a dramatic effect on your mood and well-being. Skylights also help reduce energy consumption and even make a space seem larger.

    Westwood Roofing installs new skylights and replaces existing ones in both commercial buildings and residential homes. With every installation, replacement, or repair, we ensure your skylights are:

    • aesthetically pleasing
    • installed to perfection
    • saving energy
    • providing the ideal amount of sun

    And just like every service we provide, we strive for nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction.

    Sky Lights

  • < Roof Inspections

    It is important that any roof is free of damage, leaks, debris, and other issues that could affect the integrity of your roof as well as your building structure.

    That's why in addition to offering a standalone service, a roof inspection is also conducted by our professional staff when performing any of our services.

    During our inspection, we will:

    • look for various signs of damage to roofing materials
    • check for loose, damaged, or corroded metal
    • check flashing and gutters to make sure they are solid
    • clean off excess debris or snow
    • check for signs of animal damage or insects

    When our inspection is complete, we will provide a detailed estimate of our recommendations, and answer any questions to make sure you understand the scope of the work. This small investment could be a massive savings in the long run!

    Roof Inspections

  • < Gutter Cleaning

    Proper gutter and downspout drainage is critical for a healthy, dry home or business.

    Overflowing or leaky eaves-troughs can cause costly repairs if not dealt with thoroughly, and on a regular basis. Our experienced team will remove leaves, dust, and any clog-causing debris in your gutters, downspouts, and leaf traps. Our knowledgable crew will also take time to inspect your roofing system to ensure there are no issues that need to be addressed.

    Keep your gutters flowing with a Gutter Cleaning service from Westwood Roofing.

    Gutter Cleaning

  • < Moss Removal

    Wet and rainy weather promotes moss growth on roof structures, and getting rid of it can be messy.

    We take extra care to prevent damage to any shingles or tiles, and will leave your gutters empty and clean. Our moss removal services includes a moss treatment, moss removal, gutter cleaning, and a comprehensive roof inspection to keep you informed of any issues that our experienced team encounters.

    Call in Westwood Roofing to ensure that the job will be complete in a tidy fashion – we won't leave any pieces of moss behind!

    Moss Removal

  • < Snow Removal

    Vancouver Island doesn't see great amounts of snow, but when it does arrive it sure can be sudden and heavy!

    The weight of snow can damage your roof, and cause ice damming. Avoid structural damage and other hazards such as snow and ice falling from your roof by calling in Westwood Roofing's snow and ice removal team.

    In addition to clearing hard to reach snow from your roof, we also offer driveway snow removal. Allow us to manage your snow and ice issues with our professional, year-round crew!

    Snow Removal