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Southwind Drive

Southwind Drive

The roof on this home in Upper Lantzville needed a refreshing. Our crew started by doing a full inspection, and found a number of things needed in order to get this customer’s roof back into shape.

Based on our inspection we found that the ventilation needed some work which is the most important thing to do with your roof, without proper ventilation your house is hotter than need be. This excess temperature in your attic space cooks your roof from the inside out and can shave 10-15 years off your 30 year roof.

In the case of this project, we saw that the ventilation was below code and frying the roof from the inside out.

Right away we could see that the house needed a mossicide treatment. We treated the roof with an environmentally friendly mossicide, removing as much of the moss as possible without damaging the roof. This needs to be done by professionals, as the roof can be easily compromised if done incorrectly. After the roof was treated and moss was removed we installed galvanized metal strips along the ridge for moss prevention.

We had to tear off the cracked ridge caps and install brand new ones. The existing ridge vents needed replacing, we replaced those with brand new ridge vents and added more in order to meet or exceed code. We then had to re-route the bathroom fan ventilation from the soffit area (all moist air was being blown into the attic space) by adding in a damper vent at roof level and connected the ducting to it.

All moist air should be exhausted at roof level or out a wall at a proper level.

All of the metal flashing including the valley skylight flashing needed some care; we brought it back to near new condition by scrubbing years of weathering off it. The gutters were seventeen years old, drooping in some spots and leaking in all joints. It was more cost effective to replace with seamless gutters than it was to repair.

Our customer also needed some work on their garage’s roof. After inspection we determined that there was no more life left in this roof. Due to poor ventilation this garage needed a new roof far before it should have. We started by tearing off all the shingles, and repairing any dry rots. We used a combo of synthetic and felt underlayment, and installed 30 year shingles, and upgraded ventilation to meet or exceed code.

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    As an added bonus we installed leaf catchers at ground level; no more plugged gutter drains at roof level!

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    After some hard work, this roof was left looking as good as new and ready to go on the market!

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