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New Home with Carriage House

New Home with Carriage House

This was a brand new build, which of course required a brand new roof.

We laid down underlayment and new shingles. We then proceeded to install the ventilation including the attic ventilation, the plumbing flashings, and the gas chimney flashings.

We also installed the decks on this beautiful home. The first deck was torch on. We poured down pavement, did three layers of torch on and then poured pavement over the torch on to finish.

The second deck was torch on as well. This one was installed as a "floating deck". Instead of finishing it with concrete, it was installed on top of the waterproof membrane and not fastened to the roof deck below it, which explains the term "floating".

This project also included a carriage house needing a new roof. The work done on this was almost identical to the main house: underlayment was put down, and new shingles on top, as well installation of all the ventilation. The carriage house consisted of two floating decks.

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