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Below we’ve included some of the most popular questions we’re asked by our clients. If you have a question of your own that we haven’t answered below, please contact us.

Am I liable if one of your employees gets injured while working on my roof?

Westwood’s employees are seasoned professionals that work year around and adhere to stringent safety policies. We carry a $2,000,000 Liability Insurance policy to ensure that you, the consumer, are protected should any accident occur. In addition, every employee is coved by WSIB insurance to protect our workers and you as the property owner in such an incident.

If you hire a company or individual to replace your roof without such insurance you are taking a high risk, and you and your insurance company are liable if an accident occurs.

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Why do I need underlayment?

Our underlayment is a very important factor when installing your roof. It acts as a buffer area between the shingles and the roof deck. It is a huge safety blanket in a storm due to wind driven rain or if the shingles are torn or broken. It also protects your home from ice damming in the winter.

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Why is ventilation important when installing my roof?

Heat building up in the summer months as well as cold weather in the winter accelerates the aging of your shingles. Proper air circulation will greatly reduce the chances of leaking, curling, blistering, rotting of the roof deck, wet insulation and many other potential issues that occur from the weather.

For these reasons, it's easy to see why ventilation is a crucial factor in preserving the life of your roof.

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How long has Westwood Roofing been in business?

Westwood Roofing was established in 2010 by Chris King. To date, every year has been strong and successful for our company in Nanaimo, with business doubling every year. You can learn more about our company on the About Us page, and read staff bios on the Meet Our Staff page.

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What questions I should ask my contractor if I am getting a roofing quote?

Here are some of the most important questions to ask your contractor when getting a roofing quote:

  1. How long have you been in the roofing business?
  2. Do you have recent references as well as references from the past?
  3. Are your workers sub-contractors or full-time, year-round employees?
  4. Do you have liability insurance?
  5. Are your workers covered by WSIB insurance?

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What are some of the warranties Westwood Roofing provides?

At Westwood Roofing customer satisfaction is important to us. We always stand behind our workmanship warranties to ensure you receive the best quality of care. Our standard workmanship warranty is 10 years.

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