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Warranty Information

Customer satisfaction is critical to our success. We always stand behind our workmanship warranties to ensure you receive the best quality of care.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

Westwood Roofing Inc. guarantees that the roof installation will be free of manufacturer’s defects, labour defects and workmanship errors for the first ten years after this job. For year eleven through year thirty the work will be pro-rated based on manufacturer’s warranty, which is held by the manufacturer.

Should a leakage or failure occur as a result of defective installation:

  • Westwood Roofing Inc. will repair such problems at no cost.
  • Warranty items are to be repaired ONLY by Westwood Roofing Inc.
  • Westwood Roofing Inc. is not liable for damage caused by structural damage, normal wear and tear, or natural occurrences such as hailstorms, ice damage or foreign objects.
  • Regular roof maintenance is the home-owners responsibility. Westwood Roofing will be happy to pre arrange regular roof maintenance to ensure the life of your roof and the validity of warranty.
  • The warranty will be invalid if any other roofing company, the homeowner, maintenance or cleaning company does any work on the roof whatsoever, unless previously approved by Westwood Roofing Inc.
  • In addition, any fungus, bacteria, infestation, UV degradation, rust or corrosion resulting in metal or wood decay is not covered.
  • This warranty is in lieu of all other express and implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and is limited to the duration of this warranty.
  • Westwood Roofing Inc. shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential or special damages of any form. This includes damage to the interior or exterior of any building or replacement not authorized in writing or performed by Westwood Roofing Inc.

Our warranty is transferable for the term of the warranty, Westwood Roofing Inc. is to be informed before the sale or transfer of the home.


If you have any questions or need clarification regarding our warranty, please contact us.